Writing about trauma is challenging, it’s a topic that incites emotional and physical reactions in people across the community because it makes us address the vulnerability from the experience(s) we had. Wounds that are not visible nor constant will be brought to the surface when triggers arise, being both complicated and unpredictable for the person on the pathway and those close to them. Life is difficult to interpret while vacillating between calm centeredness and desperate panic.

Oftentimes, states of suffering from stress and anxiety, have causation founded on trauma. When triggered, trauma inextricably presents with those states and over-reactions that may seem disproportionate to the apparent severity of the situation. Trauma, held mostly in the subconscious, is out of sight and can accrue incremental strength as additional life events occur. In our nature, we eventually erupt with emotional and/or physical symptoms. People experiencing psychological and physical effects that become elevated can benefit from the care and healing strategies of professionals skilled in this field, and rest assured, there is a variance of styles and healing methodologies available.


I have studied and learned a lot about how trauma presents, whilst finding many therapeutic and beneficial practices along the way from contemporary therapy to ancient methods still practiced culturally in ceremonies. The healing and resilience strengthening that come with inner work is something I encourage all women to begin or keep on with as a lifestyle choice. Holistic self-care is vital for preventative, management of, and post-birth well-being. Birth has a high incidence of women reporting PTSD, and pregnancy may begin with trauma already inside us, from the experience of our own birth if there was a difficulty. Self-awareness and self-care are priorities in our work/life balance. Engaging in our trauma healing and self-love practices can fill and increase our energy, so we can give out without depleting personal reserves. I urge anyone experiencing, or suspecting they are experiencing any form of trauma to be proactive in finding an experienced person, or people, to help them work through their situation. In holistic care, this includes dietary cleansing with real nutrition, stress release practices from bodywork found in myriad activities, calming practices, Tai Chi, Yoga, Meditation, Prayer, or other preferred spirit practices. Being in nature, amidst the fauna and flora or mountains and oceans is soul food for many people. The list of possibilities is extensive and is meaningful when centered around what you like and what serves you. There are wonderful clinicians, activities, and tools available on the journey to healing trauma.

Working with me as your coach, I will guide and encourage you to investigate practices that work for you and are manageable in your daily life. I will keep you accountable to yourself as you maintain sustainable lifestyle changes that support your healing. Engaging with a great practitioner(s) suited to you for the deep work will be part of what we implement in your passage to manage your well-being.

Doing the Mahi, deep inner work is challenging and hard, but on the other side of trauma, there is a whole new place of peace and a life to be lived with self-awareness and self-care, that feeds your soul, and extends to those you love and interact with.

Be Kind, People are often in the process of healing from things they don’t speak about.

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