Soul-Mama: Why (re)connecting with your soul is so important!

The mind-body-soul connection. Thesethree words when connected are dismissed rapidly by calling us to include the ‘soul’. Why is it that speaking of our soul as a factor of health and identity becomes a topic of risk? Is it an association to religious and spiritual practice concepts that have taken a bad rap, aligned with orders, sectors and indoctrinations? Or is it the perceived ethereal, illusionary, non- tangibility,where we separate what we see or can measure by what we cannot.

The body obviously is visual and can be reviewed daily. We can see it,feed it, exercise it, dress, and embellish it, assess, and investigate it,because we are socialised into having a close relationship with it.

The mind is a highly noticeable part of our being.Its centre, the brain, may be treatedbypractices, therapies, medications, or surgical treatments in those state reduces their functional capacity. Our mind and thoughts too are measurable in discussions, opinions, and the uptake and sharing of knowledge.

The soul is non-visual. It is unmeasurable in regular western scientific medicine at least, and there is no method of investigation or treatment.

Looking to other forms of medicine however, we find long and extensively practiced histories of soul revival in a myriad of societies. Shaman, medicine men/women, and spirit leaders located around the worldenter altered states of consciousness in their search for the source of a person or communities’ disharmony or ill health from a harmed or lost soul.

Despite the soul connection being so important in modern life it rarely enters healing and care practices yet continues in more traditional cultures with normalcy. How is this? For most people, their souls are neither lost nor harmed, but the consciousness of this aspect of self is ignored or unrepresented. Through disconnect we seem,even to ourselves, less balanced emotionally, not recognising who we are, what we want, how to access our own innate or intuitive knowing. ‘Being’ with our soul enlightens us to our truth, away from ill-founded perceptions, misconceptions, and circumstances that cause distress.

The three integral parts construct the essence of human life, whereone imbalance exists,it flows to the others. Being inseparable, any decrease in physical or mental wellbeing is an embodiment of the whole, souldisconnectreduces our empowerment and self-agency.Working on them together will reinstate the balance.

Unreasonable anxiety, depression, and fear are examples of states of mind and soul disharmony, the resultant stress will often manifest in a physical state of unwellness, even reducing our immunity to local viruses or bacteria.

The connectionor healing attained through mind-body-soul balance will not change unexpected challenges.The physiological, emotional, and spiritualtransformations that come withgrowing and raising a new human will not disappear either, but the gains are found in the birth-giver and partner developing astronger and deeperself -knowing which is such an advantage when navigating the journey through pregnancy to becoming confident parents.

November 2021

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