The Sacred Cavern


Midwives Revisiting Anatomy and Artistry During Intimate Care.

One-day training for midwives that reviews the sacred female reproductive body from the feminine perspective, with love, reverence, gentleness, and awe.

We explore nine vulva types, and how they relate to our personality and expression – for ourselves and our clients. Sadly, labioplasty is done to create one look because women do not know the variances of normal.

Engaging our senses within our practice, respectful midwifery in rhythm and partnership with the woman. This knowledge will change your way of communication: verbal, visual, aural, and sensation as we make contact with consciousness through our senses.

Touch: the sensory difference between giving and receiving external and internal touch. slowly and deeply mapping each part from a feminine perspective.

We meet in spiritual connection to experience the feminine divine as we profoundly engage in the auric space shared by ourselves and the women we care for at every birth, and we consider the passage to an empowered, ecstatic, and orgasmic birth. 

The workshop maps nerve, tissue, and muscle pathways from the womb along the CNS to the brain.

This is a psycho-somatic-spiritual workshop that reignites holistic knowledge midwives have practiced and offered women for millennia.

Birth Wisdom respects birth providers’ and birth-givers’ rights to a full understanding of their reproductive structures and systems with respectful care.

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