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The Sacred Cavern

This one day training is for midwives to review the sacred female reproductive body. We slowly and deeply map of each part from a feminine perspective.
The workshop will expand your awareness beyond the matter of vaginal examinations, stretching of the vulva and perineal tissue during birth and post-birth repair.
We discuss the spiritual connection she/they may experience with her/their feminine divine, and consider the passage to a empowered, ecstatic and orgasmic births.
You will learn the nine vulvas and how they relate to your clients senses bringing you to practice respectful midwifery in rhythm and partnership her/them. The knowledge you gain will change your way of communication: verbal, aural and touch.
The workshop includes mapping nerve, tissue and muscle pathways and the connection and the brain uterine nervous system pathway.
This is spiritual practice, aligning mind/body/spirit holism that midwives for millennia knew and offered the women they attended. Throughout the workshop we respect the birth-givers right to full understanding of her reproductive structures and systems alongside her rights to respectful care.


Group coaching sessions are by zoom and last 1 hour. These are for groups of up to three pregnant women known to each other. Group coaching offers a cost effective way to explore holistic pregnancy to parenting. It also creates unity between the women as they travel this journey simultaneously.


One to one coaching sessions are by zoom and last 1 hour. Together we will deeply investigate your innate mind- body- spirit wisdom, facets that form holistic wellbeing as you move through pregnancy, prepare for birth, and enter the early weeks or months of parenting.